Aspire to Inspire

What has been most exciting of all in reaching for this goal is the potential to inspire and provide transformative opportunities, helping others to pursue their own dreams. As The Dream Cup circle grows, so do opportunities to mentor, facilitate, to collaborate and find new innovative and creative ways of working together.

Through the success of these fundraising efforts, The Dream Cup aims to help Barbados’ top tennis talent and emerging players in their quest for success and also, by providing support to the Barbados Tennis Association’s School Initiative Programme, which brings tennis to a large number of children who would otherwise be unable to afford to participate.

In years to come, The Dream Cup, aims to expand its role in helping others in the wider sports arena; to create opportunities within its own unique network and to benefit the wider local economy through the promotion of Barbados to a global audience as a high-end sports tourism and luxury destination.

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The Dream Scholarship supports young aspiring tennis players by providing financial assistance and aiding them in their goal of becoming Barbados’ next elite tennis player.

The Scholarship provides assistance in many ways:
Mentoring – The Dream Cup arranges for the junior athletes to meet with the current Dream Sponsorship players, in order to become inspired and motivated. Juniors will gain first hand knowledge about life as an elite athlete as well as learn about the hard work and dedication needed to succeed.

Management – The Dream Cup provides assistance in planning tournaments, additional sponsorship, finding the right coaches, and providing direction to the junior athletes. Management also includes handling Visa requirements, travel arrangements, and more.

Funding – The Dream Cup assists with funding for international tournaments and off-island training at a prestigious international tennis academy.
The Dream Internship capitalizes on the unique strengths of The Dream Cup network to provide opportunities for Barbadian students to gain valuable practical experience in selected fields of study.

• Provide inspirational opportunities to young local entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and to provide a practical avenue for them to do so through our internship program

• Provide a chance to apply skills gained during University level study with The Dream Cup team and/ or its close partners

• Provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real-life business environment; grow your confidence, build your CV and your career.
The aim of this category of sponsorship is to develop the potential of Barbados’ elite tennis players. Sponsorships are tailored to fit the unique needs of individuals as they aspire to beat the odds and succeed in a career of their dreams. Of course, it is tough to get to the top and these players need critical assistance in a number of areas:

Networking – creating career development opportunities within the professional tennis community.

Management – includes leveraging opportunities to earn additional sponsorship; providing career guidance and dealing with day-to-day arrangements that are required for a successful tennis career.

Financial Assistance - to support the high cost of training and attending international tennis tournaments.
Precious Touch Foundation Inc. is a non-profit wish granting charitable organization which was launched on November 24, 2007 in Barbados. It is dedicated to the granting of wishes to children between the ages of two (2) and sixteen (16) years who are diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions, and children who are terminally ill. The Foundation's main goal is to bring joy, peace, happiness and comfort to the children and their families, and also create a magical wish experience which will last a life time in the child's heart including all those involved in the wish. Precious Touch Foundation Inc. believes that through their wish granting program, children and their families will have an opportunity to replace their suffering and anguish with smiles and laughter, 'if only for a day'.
The Diabetes Association of Barbados is a non-profit organization that was founded in April 1975. Since then, our main aim has been to educate persons of all ages, both old and young, suffering from Diabetes, to properly manage and control their diabetes. Our aim has never changed, but we have grown in leaps and bounds since our inception. We offer a vast range of services, which are available to the people of Barbados. Some of these are counseling by Diabetes Educators, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and HbA1c checks, sessions on the benefits of proper nutrition, planned physical activity and regular blood glucose/sugar monitoring with the Diabetes Conversation Map Program.

In addition to these, the Association also has a focus on young people living with diabetes. We therefore offer the only summer camp for children between the ages of 5 and 16 years, living with diabetes in Barbados, known as Camp Pride. In addition to this, Blueprint Barbados, our youth arm, is a group of young adults both with and without diabetes striving for change in Barbados. They aim to support youth with diabetes and to promote awareness about the diabetes epidemic in Barbados and by extension the Caribbean. One of their focus areas is Healthy Living, where they, in very creative ways, educate people about diabetes and encourage them to live healthier lives thus helping reduce the number of people living with Type 2 diabetes in Barbados.
The BIBA Charity was established in 2010 as a way for members of the international business community to contribute to the social welfare of Barbados. The goal of the charity is to provide a simple mechanism for businesses and their clients to give back to institutions that have existing funding requirements and are already active in serving a broad segment of Barbadian society. By facilitating giving in a collective way, it will also allow for the international business community’s contributions to Barbados to be better measured. As a way to ensure that the trust remains effectively focused on improving social services in Barbados, an advisory council has been created to monitor the interests of BIBA members.

The Charity’s beneficiary is the public healthcare system of Barbados. Through the BIBA Charity Fund, tangible goods and equipment that their charitable donations can assist with immediately will be purchased, thus saving time and administrative cost and most importantly, helping those in need right away.