Argentinian Juan Martin del Potro always wows the crowds with his incredible serves, perhaps because they start from the clouds.

“Delpo,’’ as he is called, stands at six feet six inches and has earned the nickname “The Tower’’ or “Torre de Tandil,’’ (after his hometown). In a sport dominated by the Big Four, he certainly stands out, literally and figuratively.

Ranked sixth in the world, del Potro, age 25, started playing tennis at age seven and, by age 15, he had won his first senior tournament. His professional career soared when he defeated Rafael Nadal in the semi- finals and Roger Federer in the finals at the 2009 US Open. He became the only player to defeat both champs in the same tournament—winning his first Grand Slam and the hearts of tennis aficionados in the process. We can hardly wait to see what Torre de Tandil will accomplish this November.