Richard Gasquet


Interview with Richard Gasquet
Have you ever been to the Caribbean? What are your plans when you’re off the court while here in Barbados?

I have never been to the Caribbean before so Barbados will be my first visit in the region. I am very much looking forward to it since I heard a lot of good things about the place especially from my friend Gael Monfils who came two years ago. I would love to play a few rounds of golf while I am there. This is the perfect way to relax for me during the off season.

Your coach is Italian and you are French and you communicate in English! Explain this unique dynamic?

It is not always easy since we are not the best people at languages but I guess we keep it to the essentials and It is working well so far. It is true though that we could do with a few lessons, both of us!

What are you most looking forward to about The Dream Cup and your trip to Barbados?

As I said I have never been there before. For me it will be a combination of relaxing time while also having the opportunity to play matches against some of the best players in the world. As a tennis player, when you are away from the Tour you are always concerned about losing your rhythm so being able to play a few matches during that time would definitely help me to be 100% ready on January 1st for the new season.

Have you checked out Saint Peter’s Bay? What do you think of such a unique prize?

The place looks amazing, hopefully I will get a shot at winning this unique prize. I could probably get used to spending lots of time there.

You had an amazing run at the US Open this year, reaching your first career semi-final; how do you plan to push yourself going into the season for 2014?

I need to maintain the consistency that I have had over the last two years. With this in place, I will have more opportunities to go far in the Grand Slams and repeat what I did this year for example.

What is your favourite Grand Slam event and why?

I would say Wimbledon since my game since the grass courts really well but there is nothing like playing in front of your crowd at the French Open.

You’ve already confessed you aren’t a cook, but what is your favourite food? Are you adventurous?

Italian food which helps since I need to have pasta almost every day. With Riccardo being my coach I am also influenced!

Is there a special lady in your life?

Apart from my mother which has helped me a lot throughout my career there is no one else at the moment...

Do you have a main “adversary’’ in the sport? Are you good friends off the court with any of your rivals, say, Nadal?

All the players are my adversaries. Tennis is so competitive these days that you need to respect every single player on the tour. Rafa and myself respect each other a lot, we grew up together, our stories are linked. He helped during some hard times and I will owe him for this. Once we are on the court, it is different though and we need to put all of this behind us and try our hardest to win.


This year tennis aesthetes swooned over Richard Gasquet as he sailed into the semi-finals at the US Open with his glorious one-handed backhand. Barbados will get to know him up close and personal this November and what a treat! This shy French player is ranked number nine in the tennis world today and is the second highest ranking French man.

Beautiful backhand aside, Gasquet, 27, is known for his cool demeanour which keeps fans intrigued and adversaries guessing. He began playing tennis at age four and his star has been rising since he was nine. He can count Rafael Nadal as his childhood rival (their first encounter came when they were both 13 and that was Gasquet’s only victory against the Spaniard) as well as his friend. Gasquet has held a top 10 ranking for most of his professional career. His magnificent display at the US Open this year against 11th seed Canadian Milos Raonic and fourth seed Spaniard David Ferrer took our breath away.